The ‘Committed’ eSeries

In May 2014, Kristen Abell and I decided that we wanted to create continuous conversation about mental illness and how it affects student affairs professionals. We turned to the Student Affairs Collective, pitched our idea and the Committed eSeries was born.

When the series was in it’s infancy, I don’t think we realized how many of our colleagues were/are affected by mental illness. Whether it was their own story or a story about a loved one, our contributors bravely came forward. Without their ‘commitment’ to Committed, the series would be nothing.

Click here to get the eBook!

Click here to get the eBook!

In addition to the stories, we shared facts and created places for conversation using #SAcommits and PInterest. We blogged about the series and tried our hand at podcasts.

Now, we’ve taken the conversation to print with our latest compilation of stories in ‘Committed,’ the eBook. All of the proceeds from this book go to supporting Mental Health America, the organization in which we gathered many of our tweets.

We know that the journey is not over, but feel fortunate it has taken us here. We ask that you join us for the next step, online or offline, in stomping out stigma.

If you are interested in contributing to the series, please contact Sue or Kristen


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