Committed: A ‘Final’ Thought



Part of the suedle comic strip from my Committed post.

Part of the suedle comic strip from my Committed post.

Last night, Kristen Abell and I got together to talk future plans for the Committed Series.

It’s been a month full of hard work, difficult conversations and lots of reflective time. We are pretty psyched to share our plans for the future and to continue the conversation.

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Committed: the conversation.

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Suedled during the podcast - it's Kristen's Empathy Cap!

Suedled during the podcast – it’s Kristen’s Empathy Cap!

i am not quite sure how this happened, but May is more than halfway over. (?!)

we are also more than halfway through the Committed Series. the series has sparked conversation, comments and all sorts of thoughts. Kristen Abell and i have been looking for a way to discuss some of these thoughts and we figured, why not sit down and talk about the series? that’s how this whole thing started anyway!


So for your listening pleasure – Our conversation on the Committed Series.

Feel free to comment or connect with us to discuss more.  Thanks for the support!