The Joy of Presence.


A few weeks ago, one of my favorite podcasts, Invisible Office Hours, returned for it’s second season. IOH is hosted by two creative entrepreneurs, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook. Though I first ‘met’ this dynamic duo after reading their blogs and books, I have a greater appreciation for Paul and Jason after fangirling over their podcast.

On Tuesday, I set an appointment on my calendar so I wouldn’t miss their opening segment. Not only was I excited for the second season, but I wondered what the first episode would be about. I was somewhat surprised when the conversation started about social media.

Paul and Jason went onto to talk for a little over an hour about social media usage and how it could be addicting. As I pondered this, I (ironically) took to Twitter with my thoughts:

I would not put my social media addiction on the same level as my caffeine or Sharpie addiction…but I would say it’s pretty damn close. Mostly, my addiction has be beneficial. I’ve reaped the benefits of new relationships, some professional development opportunities and business opportunities. I’ve looked at it as another medium to express myself, to share topics I care about and start discussions.

But lately, I have been straying from my usual usage. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until Paul and Jason talked about a “social media sabbatical.” Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? But the more my earbuds filled with stories of theirs, the more I kind of yearned for one myself. It seems it’s not enough to have notifications disabled on my devices.

I need a hard reset. I need a creative shove to feel the joy in being present again.

When I told my coworker I was doing this, he said “you won’t be able to make it.” Maybe he’s right, but I feel like it’s certainly worth a try.


After my #NACA15 presentation, you won’t hear (or read?) anything from me for the next few days/week. I am planning on doing a lot of reading, lots of suedling and a whole lotta being.

So long for now!



(Shameless plug: If you read, write or breathe, you will probably love Invisible Office Hours. Check out some of their episodes here.)


find what speaks to you: lessons learned in @Pier1.

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inspired by my #oneword2014, i recently committed to a new challenge: read 52 books in 52 weeks (otherwise known as #52in52.) in true sue form, i tweeted this earlier in the week:


despite new-challenge-excitement-jitters, i hit a bump in the road in the form of my first book, Bursts: The Hidden Patterns Behind Everything We Do. i started this book a few months ago, read about eighty pages and stopped. something just wasn’t grabbing my attention and i was struggling to power through. i was puzzled as to why i was having such a hard time doing something that i enjoyed spending time doing.


i figured out the answer over the holiday break. i ventured into Pier 1 Imports to partake in my normal after Christmas sales when i spotted one of the characters from their commercials. my mind immediately played their catchy jingle:

find what speaks to you.

i had an ah-ha moment. finding things that speak to me often lead to moments of reflection, revelation and most importantly, production. as Tim refers to in his post, it’s not the quotes or the catchy jingles. it’s beyond that. the book i attempted to read wasn’t inspiring to me at the time. overwhelmed with other projects, my focus was elsewhere. i was just looking to read the book because, honestly…i thought i should.

i restarted and finished the book in the first few days of the year…because i wanted to do it.

projects, relationships, jobs, life – they may not be inspiring every minute of every day. however, the importance of why you are taking action is. find your why – your real why – and your inspiration will follow.

do you: the birth of a “sue-dle”

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file under: words i never thought i would say…

i co-presented ‘Introverts are Student Affairs Professionals too,’ at the NASPA Region II conference this past Monday morning at 7:45AM.


for those of you who know me well, you probably know that 7:45AM is a challenge for me by itself. add presenting, groups of people, and the fact that i was in a business suit into the mix, and it’s clear – i was a little out of my element.

but i freakin’ did it.

one of the many reasons i chose #finish as my #oneword2103 is because i felt i needed some accountability in that area of my life. more often that not, i find myself lost in the clouds. it becomes difficult to sort through the fog at times. i recognize that while i am most comfortable sitting in the corner, doodling my life away, that doesn’t do very much for the people around me.

there’s been a ton of chatter in the Twitterverse about authenticity. i am a firm believer in the saying “do you” and loving yourself – the ugly parts too. integration of your whole self and being aware of your discomforts forces change and growth. and they aren’t called growing pains for nothin’. they can and will hurt, but something better comes out of it.

sunday night, as i was having some much needed ‘sue-time’, i realized that this presentation needed a little bit more from me. we had the facts, did the research, had some props and stories to share. but what was missing?


a “sue-dle”

being authentic means staying true to yourself (something artsy in my case) AND making moves to push yourself and grow (presenting!). people may not always look for you in that corner. once in a while, find something you care enough about and take center stage to share it.

scared? good. do it anyway.

Special thanks to Amma Marfo, a friend and constant source of inspiration, for coining the term ‘sue-dle’ and Chris Conzen, my co-presenter, mentor and friend, for pushing me to push myself.