Celebrating an Etsy-versary.


Time is a really funny thing. At times it drips as slow as molasses and other times it’s a tornado. Yesterday, I experienced the latter after opening an email from Etsy.

Subject: Renew your listings.

Message: Eight of your listings are expiring soon. Renew them now to keep them in your shop.

I’m celebrating my four month Etsy-versary!

Being a shop owner has taught me a few things about running a small business over the past few months. Here’s my top four lessons over the last four months:

Taking action definitely pays off.

Opening the Etsy shop was an idea that I toyed around with for a few weeks. I was terrified when I pressed that ‘open shop’ button. The little wave of doubt still rears it’s head when I list new items. But when it comes down to it, I’m glad I battled hesitation and won. This year has been the year of doing in so many ways. Opening this shop has taught me to climb out of my own head and just go for it already!

Small businesses are anything but small.

Refunds, shipping profiles, custom requests, oh my! I will forever have a new appreciation for the inner workings of entrepreneurial enterprises, large or small. Being a shop owner has not only given me a greater appreciation for the finer details, but it has taught me that giving them attention can really pay off.

Don’t sell yourself short…literally.

It’s no secret that I struggle with putting a price on my work. I found it awkwardly frustrating to actually ask for compensation when #suedles are a part of who I am. This shop in conjunction with some supportive peers helped me realize that is a reason in itself! There is no shame in providing a product and putting a price on it. And when you have a personal connection to the product? Even better.

Take the criticism and then take the credit.

As in all new adventures, there were many “teachable moments” during this whole process. Luckily, many of my first customers were folks that gave me feedback on how the shop could improve. The amateur and the artist in me will forever appreciate this. Understanding the criticisms and continually working through them made is easier for me to take the credit when it’s available.

I hope to share more with you as the shop hits it’s next milestone. But for now? Some celebrations!

If you haven’t check out the shop lately, head on over – there’s new items up for sale! 

To thank you for your support (and reading this far), here’s a coupon code for 15% off any purchase over $5 from now through Sunday! Just visit my shop and use the code “etsyversary” at checkout. 

If you want #suedles to brighten your day on a regular basis, you can now follow them on Instagram. Regular shop updates, pictures of their production and sneak peaks at future discounts will be available by following the account.


And last but not least, thank you – for your support, your feedback, your purchases and just all around making this a great experience. Lookin’ forward to the future! 


suedles on stage.

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this Saturday marks many firsts for me.


it will be my first time traveling to Indianapolis.

ACPA will be my first national conference.

and (drumroll) it’s the first time #suedles will be on a national stage.


nervous excitement at its best!

nervous excitement at its best!


i’m excited to announce that  i will be sue-dlinglive

for the opening & closing sessions (and more!) at the ACPA National Convention


bringing visual language to our field can help ‘reinvent’ how we communicate with each other, process information and encourage this kind of expression in our home institutions. i’m pumped to be involved in such a unique way and grateful to those who helped make this happen.


if you are attending the conference be sure to say hi. oh, and keep your eyes peeled during the rest of the conference. you never know where you will find a suedle… 🙂


follow the backchannel using the #ACPA14 and #suedle from March 26th – April 2nd for conference fun and illustrations galore! 

find what speaks to you: lessons learned in @Pier1.

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inspired by my #oneword2014, i recently committed to a new challenge: read 52 books in 52 weeks (otherwise known as #52in52.) in true sue form, i tweeted this earlier in the week:


despite new-challenge-excitement-jitters, i hit a bump in the road in the form of my first book, Bursts: The Hidden Patterns Behind Everything We Do. i started this book a few months ago, read about eighty pages and stopped. something just wasn’t grabbing my attention and i was struggling to power through. i was puzzled as to why i was having such a hard time doing something that i enjoyed spending time doing.


i figured out the answer over the holiday break. i ventured into Pier 1 Imports to partake in my normal after Christmas sales when i spotted one of the characters from their commercials. my mind immediately played their catchy jingle:

find what speaks to you.

i had an ah-ha moment. finding things that speak to me often lead to moments of reflection, revelation and most importantly, production. as Tim refers to in his post, it’s not the quotes or the catchy jingles. it’s beyond that. the book i attempted to read wasn’t inspiring to me at the time. overwhelmed with other projects, my focus was elsewhere. i was just looking to read the book because, honestly…i thought i should.

i restarted and finished the book in the first few days of the year…because i wanted to do it.

projects, relationships, jobs, life – they may not be inspiring every minute of every day. however, the importance of why you are taking action is. find your why – your real why – and your inspiration will follow.

relax, just DO it.



a few days ago, Mallory Bower wrote a post entitled “It’s the things you DO that make you good.” before you continue on, you may want to head over to Mallory’s corner of the interwebz and read up. (it’s okay, i’ll wait right here while she rocks your world.)

being that i just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s OutliersMallory’s post really hit home. up until this, i was caught between two ideas for my #oneword2014. i hesitated writing this post…and then quickly realized that said more about which one i should chose than anything else!

my #oneword2014 is DO.

so often action is halted by intricate thoughts and the mulling over of options. thoughtful reflection is very different from a shameful delay. it bugs me and causes anxiety, especially when it puts a damper on creativity.

so 2014 will be the year for less shame, and more do.

answer the call,

sketch the thought, 

write the post,

paint the picture,

draw the #suedle,  

present the idea,

run the race,

practice the lesson, 

read the book,

have the conversation,

submit the application,

just do it already.

are you participating in #oneword365? what’s your one word for 2014?