#suedles at #ACPA15!


Once a while, opportunities come along that simply blow my mind. I’m excited to announce that #suedles will once again appear at the annual ACPA Convention in two ways! 

Picture this: You’re walking out of a session, chock full of new ideas and questions. You turn the corner and on a table you see a brightly colored card. “What’s that?,” you wonder. You wander over and see a familiar color scheme and the words, “Consider this.” So, you do just that. 

I’m incredibly excited to be the designer behind ACPA’s Engagement Cards, which you can find scattered throughout the convention. (Special thanks to Joe Ginese for coming up with this idea and ACPA’s leadership for allowing me to be a part of it!)

I also am incredibly thrilled that once again I will create graphic recordings of the ACPA opening and closing speakers. The finished products will be signed by the speakers and then auctioned off at the ACPA Marketplace, with the proceeds going to scholarships. Come visit the Marketplace on Friday to see the finished #suedles from the opening ceremony! 

I’m incredibly grateful and thrilled to share visual language with the student affairs community. I look forward to connecting with you during sessions, Pecha Kucha Talks and on the #ACPA15 backchannel!