making it yours: lessons from the Queen B(ey).

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owning it like Beyonce.

owning it like Beyonce.

today at midnight, Beyonce dropped an album that the world is aTwitter about. her stunt was releasing the album – exclusively on iTunes  – with visual cues associated for each song, and then some. her explanation of the album is nothing short of awesome:

i see music, its more than just what i hear; when im connected to something i immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion, a memory from my childhold, thoughts about life, my dreams or fantasies. and they’re all connected to the music.


if you haven’t figured it out by now, this pop artist is one of the few that makes my heart happy. not only does Beyonce make me proud to be a woman, but she makes me want to be a better artist. her sentiment when describing her creative process ‘sings’ to me as she states, “the visions in my head is what makes it mine.”

whatever you are working on – whether it’s a #suedle, a blog post, a book or another project – make it yours. own it, in all its beauty (or not). recall every minute of effort that you put into it and make it worth more than the outcome – make it worth the lessons you learned too.


vulnerability & the in-betweens: the final edit.

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birthdays are often a time for reflection.

one of my favorite parts of the day is around 8PM, i call my mom. we stay on the phone for a few minutes or so as she tells me the story of how i was born. we laugh, we cry, and we love.

birthdays are often a time for celebration.

i had the opportunity to set time aside to catch up with some of my closest girlfriends on saturday night. on monday, most of my family got a chance to sit and have dinner. Dan and i are going out to dinner tonight. i have gotten countless likes, messages, texts, emails, tweets & sweets – i am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful.


i am reflecting and celebrating in my own quiet way this year. true to my #oneword2013, i was able to #finish the piece i have been working on – just in time for my birthday. the secret of all secrets? this is the first large scale piece i’ve completed in two years. it’s the first piece that i have shared from beginning to end.


it certainly feels good to be back.

the in-betweens
3 ft x 3 ft
in progress – february 2013
acrylic & mediums on canvas

yes & no.

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today was definitely a day of ‘yes!’ this week has been filled with little strikeouts across the to-do list.

however, i was gently reminded today how ‘no’ is just as important as ‘yes,’ and maybe even more so when it comes to self-care.

cheers to the weekend and the power of ‘no’ing.

january 19, 2013
eight and one half x eleven
blue ink on lined paper