well, it happened. i finally found a tweet that lit a fire in me… and more than twenty others.  it’s resulted in something pretty amazing.


i have to thank Stacy for said tweet that stuck with me for too long:


cue a brain dump session with Kristen Abell, a conversation with the folks at The Student Affairs Collective (thanks Tom and Sabina!) and of course, some suedle-ing and here we have it…



"Committed" to Mental Health Month with #SAcommits

“Committed” to Mental Health Month with #SAcommits


“Committed” is the result of too much silence, too much hesitation and too much stigma surrounding mental health in student affairs. we work as caretakers, members of the front line and members of the administration that fight for student health & wellness. why aren’t we doing the same for ourselves?

well, some of us are but no one knows about it. it’s time we preserve a space for this conversation. it’s time to make this a constant.

help support members of our community, online and off, by using this series as a jumping off point. join me in committing to this conversation by following the series throughout the month of May.


learn more here and join in the conversation using the #SAcommits tag.


special thanks to everyone who has submitted a story that will be featured in the series. your courage is the reason this exists! 


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