an open letter to my hair.


dear hair,

well, today’s the day. in just a few hours, we will climb up on stage in the student center, and pony up – literally. i’m donating you, giving you away. you know the saying, if you love something, let it go? yup, we are testing that theory today. all the weeks of taking a little extra vitamin D, doing some conditioning treatments and brushing you have all been for this moment. we are going to march over to St. Baldrick’s Day and be a part of the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine team. 

i have to commend you. my siblings and i have always talked about how one of our best genetic features is our hair. you have gone through all sorts of haircuts – mom’s infamous bang cuts, a pixie cut, the growing out mullet stage – and been a rainbow of colors. red, purple, pink, bleached, blue and accidentally silver, nothing took away your spirit. what’s even better? my friends, family and loved ones thought you were pretty special too. i thought you were worth $500 easily – they thought over $2,000. now that money can go to pediatric research, something i know you have a soft spot for.

i’m hoping today we can share your spirit and strength with someone else. the 8ish inches that will be taken away from you will be given to someone who is fighting one hell of a fight. through chemo, radiation and some awful side effects, i’m hoping you can keep them warm and help them show off their victories. i hope you hold a curl just as well and stay neatly in a ponytail. most importantly, i hope you give them a sense of pride for fighting a battle..and winning.

goodbye my hair. i will miss you dearly. but the best part? your growth means we can do this all over again soon.

proud of ya,



2 thoughts on “an open letter to my hair.

  1. Sue, this is so beautiful. Granted, I may have an extra soft spot for cancer these days, but I love your perspective on this gift and the hopefulness that the recipient will have some great adventures and find a glimmer of hope in what you are able to offer.

    1. Thanks for reading Renee! It was a pretty incredible experience, very reflective still over it all. I’m happy to be able to do something about it. Thinking of you and your hubby.

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