cheers to the finish.


not to be a downer but…new years was never my favorite holiday. back when i worked as an overnight counselor, i always offered to pick up the new year’s shift. (full disclosure: my employer left butter pecan ice cream for me as a thank you, which was enough to keep me coming back for a few years…) my fondest memories include hanging out with my family watching Life Is Beautiful and participating in the Coney Island Polar Plunge.

last year, NYE was especially memorable for two reasons – this blog and my #oneword2013. both had peaked my interest late in the year and i was terrified to give either a shot. what if i can’t think of anything to write? what if no one reads it? what if i fail to keep my one word resolution? what the heck am i going to pick?

i chose finish as my one word for 2013, knowing full well that this phrase has always been a weakness of mine. need someone to brainstorm and generate new ideas? i’m your gal. it’s seeing things all the way through and ‘tying them in a bow’ that needed work.


as we finish another year, i look fondly upon the end of 2013. while it wasn’t the easiest at times, i ‘finished’ several tasks i set out to achieve. two half marathons, a 5k, the creation and development of this blog, successful programs at work, my first conference presentation, my new apartment with Dan and spreading quirkiness via the #suedle – i have tied those bows so tight, good luck ripping them off.

while focusing on finishing brought me a sense confidence, i learned some unexpected lessons in resilience and compromise. there are goals that i didn’t finish and goals that i met with disappointment. i tried to tie the bow and wound up with knots instead. my second half marathon took me almost 3 hours to complete – nearly forty minutes longer than the last. instances like this called for reflection to find patience and strength that i sometimes loose along the way. that lesson + the will to keep working towards the finish makes completion so much sweeter.


i hope that you tie your bows tight, cherish the knots and find your finish in the new year. cheers!


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