movin’ and racin’.

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movin’ and racin’.

as I sit in a friend’s apartment (thanks meg!) with the normal night-before-the-run jitters, reflection has brought this thought to the forefront of my mind:

running a race and moving to a new place have a ton of similarities.

you train/pack for the event. you try to prepare as best you can..and if you’re me, you probably never feel prepared enough. when the big day comes you flip from excitement to anxiety to frustration to exhaustion and then lap all of those again.

i have run plenty of races and been through quite a few moves. however, this is the first time i’ve attempted either both with someone else – a racing partner and a roommate.


cat’s out of the bag and into OUR apartment. cue nervous excitement! 🙂

i have learned a ton about myself from both of these experiences. the lesson I cherish most of all? honesty and respect can get you to the finish line/through the door and communication will help with the rest.

let the games begin!


2 thoughts on “movin’ and racin’.

  1. Well said, Sue! It’s a big transition for you but those key points you mentioned are right on target! Best wishes!

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