stop! collaborate & listen.

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there’s an awful lot of noise in our lives.

if you work in student affairs, the volume get particularly loud as autumn approaches. if you don’t, i bet you can point out a time during the year where you feel overwhelmed and possibly unheard.

today i was reminded that we can change that with one little (big?) adjustment.

how often do you take the time to listen?

no, not just hear the noise around you. how often do you take the time to LISTEN?

that adjustment can make the different between a mediocre and awesome moment.

break out those q-tips & happy friday.


One thought on “stop! collaborate & listen.

  1. I’m guilty! Sometimes my head is SO FULL with random thoughts, ideas, that I don’t REALLY listen to others. I’m being selfish trying to get MY thoughts out before I forget! That’s not good! I’ll try harder to really LISTEN and NOT ramble. I might learn something… Even when no one is talking.

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