an exercision.

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on sunday morning, i participated in The Color Run held in Brooklyn, NY. The Color Run is literally my dream come true. it’s a leisurely 5k race, open to all levels of runners. the atmospheric excitement is a lot to handle as participants get ready to “race” through stations and have colored chalk thrown at them. the end result looks something like this:


hi mom!

it’s addictive, exciting, and just a good environment – literally the perfect race. i would highly recommend participating if there is one nearby.

yesterday was a ton of fun for me. however, it was probably one of the worst races i have ever run. the heat and chalk made the environment difficult to breathe and it took a larger toll on me than i imagined. i wound up walking for a fair amount of the race.

after spending some of the evening pretty disappointed in my performance, i had a little revelation. running is a lot like creating a new piece to me. you can’t just pick up a paintbrush after a few months & expect your first creation to be genius material. and you definitely can’t sit on your couch for two weeks and then expect to run a 5k in 90 degree heat. if i train for runs, just like i ‘train’ the creative side of my brain, the outcome will show how hard i worked.


a breakthrough piece in 2010.

i created many duds before i produced the piece pictured above. i believe this piece was created because i failed many, many times and pushed through that. when the time was right and my training was done, this piece was the result. if i want my running career to echo my creative one, it’s time to dig deeper.

on to the next race!




acrylic and marker on canvas

3 feet x 3 feet

fall 2010


7 thoughts on “an exercision.

  1. I feel like we place so much pressure on ourselves to be able to “get it” right out of the box. We look at bumps along the road as failures rather than “rough drafts”. It was the former thinking that repeatedly killed my attempts at losing weight and getting in shape. When I finally decided to take it one step at a time, and embrace the set-backs as just part of the process, I was able to stick to it. Thanks for sharing this, Sue!

    1. Thanks for commenting Chris! I feel like the journey means more when there’s bumps in the road. Not only do you appreciate the end, but it’s a different kind of battle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too.

      See you at the 10k!

  2. I had a good friend once tell me, “you never let yourself be a beginner.” This lesson is one which I am quick to forget. Thanks for the reminder that everything we do requires practice and dedication if we want to improve (or even sustain)!

    1. Kyle, you are my first international comment! Yippeee!

      Being a beginner, and even more so an intermediate, is such an important part of the process – and often an exciting one at that! I’m happy you see the value in the process and are pushing yourself to grow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I can think of so many cliches to go with this…”if at first, you don’t succeed…” Keep on keeping on.. ” and so on. The bottom line is.. No one is born with experience. Try new things, discover your passions, work at them, accept your little bends in the road and keep at! It will happen.

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