let it settle.

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i had a huge problem with the word ‘settling’ – or more specific the verb to ‘settle for’ – for a long time.

settle for, to be satisfied with: to settle for less.

that definition derives anything BUT a settling feeling. who would want to ‘give up’ and settle? aren’t we supposed to push and give 110% all the time?

contrary to this belief, i’ve recently come to think that the act of settling can have a greater value than i ever anticipated. a quote from my yoga teacher helped me reach this conclusion.


a suedle of the settling sorts.

the teacher repeats this several times throughout the 90 minute class during periods of savasana. these short rest periods are meant to provide a break to energize and heal the body from the taxing poses. they also serve as a mental break; they allow us to teach our minds how accept quiet and focus when we reach our tipping point. finding a sense of calm on the yoga mat matches a secondary definition of settle that i have come to appreciate:

to come to rest, as from flight: A bird settled on a bough.

not only do i appreciate the imagery that is associated with this definition, but it provides an important reminder… settling is an important part in the process of taking flight again. 


2 thoughts on “let it settle.

  1. Fabulous reframe of the idea of settling. I think it carries a negative connotation for so many – that if I’ve “settled” it means I’ve accepted something that’s not complete or fulfilling; that I’ve stopped looking for something more. Before you can build a house, you need to let the foundation settle – “settling” can set the stage for something even bigger or more sustaining too.

  2. I agree with Chris. Although settling does imply you’re accepting less than you anticipated…I think you have to learn to accept your bends in the road and let those detours settle in or rather accept them and then move ahead with a plan B. So I really do think that what settling or acceptance shows is that you re a stronger person with a more creative mind because you challenge yourself to go outside the box , not have a tunnel vision , and devise a new plan and move forward. Enjoy settling yourself, sue, and get ready for your bigger plans…the next one is only an idea away! Love you

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