do you: the birth of a “sue-dle”

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file under: words i never thought i would say…

i co-presented ‘Introverts are Student Affairs Professionals too,’ at the NASPA Region II conference this past Monday morning at 7:45AM.


for those of you who know me well, you probably know that 7:45AM is a challenge for me by itself. add presenting, groups of people, and the fact that i was in a business suit into the mix, and it’s clear – i was a little out of my element.

but i freakin’ did it.

one of the many reasons i chose #finish as my #oneword2103 is because i felt i needed some accountability in that area of my life. more often that not, i find myself lost in the clouds. it becomes difficult to sort through the fog at times. i recognize that while i am most comfortable sitting in the corner, doodling my life away, that doesn’t do very much for the people around me.

there’s been a ton of chatter in the Twitterverse about authenticity. i am a firm believer in the saying “do you” and loving yourself – the ugly parts too. integration of your whole self and being aware of your discomforts forces change and growth. and they aren’t called growing pains for nothin’. they can and will hurt, but something better comes out of it.

sunday night, as i was having some much needed ‘sue-time’, i realized that this presentation needed a little bit more from me. we had the facts, did the research, had some props and stories to share. but what was missing?


a “sue-dle”

being authentic means staying true to yourself (something artsy in my case) AND making moves to push yourself and grow (presenting!). people may not always look for you in that corner. once in a while, find something you care enough about and take center stage to share it.

scared? good. do it anyway.

Special thanks to Amma Marfo, a friend and constant source of inspiration, for coining the term ‘sue-dle’ and Chris Conzen, my co-presenter, mentor and friend, for pushing me to push myself.


5 thoughts on “do you: the birth of a “sue-dle”

  1. I continue to be so inspired by you and the way you tell your story. I appreciate your insight into staying true to yourself while also pushing for change and stepping outside your comfort zone. I’m in a place where there are lots of opportunities for the latter, but I’m having some trouble with the former. When I feel like there’s nothing stable, your comment reminds me that I’m still fundamentally me, and I don’t need to be someone else in this change. Thank you, as usual, for your awesomeness and your inspiration.

  2. Great stuff ! Very proud. Yes, I’ve seen you “lost in the clouds” but I’ve also seen you get up , hold up your umbrella and DANCE in the rain! Keep puddle jumping , sue! I’m very proud if you.

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