everything is always good.

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translation: Everything is always good.

a friend who is currently working in Germany sent me that phrase when i asked him how his day was going last week. he is struggling with balancing a new job, in a new environment, and trying to learn a new language at the same time. i thanked him – his words came at a rough moment for me an inspired this post.

if i could put my finger on one trait that is the most difficult to maintain as a mid-level manager, it would land on “a positive attitude.” being the middle-person workhorse of the office often requires the balance of a ballerina. it requires a sunny disposition each and every day – even on days when the summer weather has long faded. lack of recognition, long hours, an insane amount of multitasking and a drought in the pool of thank you’s can often drive someone towards the “grass is always greener” attitude, really quickly.

everything is, indeed, always good.

being able to spin situations around to see the good is a trait that can serve you well throughout all areas of your life. from relationships, to extracurricular projects, to your work life, not letting external factors discourage you to the point that it halts your production levels is crucial to your own survival as an individual. this trait is not one that comes easy, and must be practiced.

in Five Second at a Time, professor Denis Shackel writes about his experience as he found himself stranded in the middle of climbing Mount Ruapehu. his story of survival is an inspiring one, and one of my favorite “leadership lessons” that he pulled from this experience is the ‘five second’ mentality. he spoke of willing himself to survive the next five seconds…and the next…and the next. he broke his journey down into smaller manageable pieces, all while remaining focused on his mountains (larger goals). as a (very) amateur Bikram yoga practitioner, one of the mantras that i use to get me through 90 minutes of sweaty goodness is one that our instructor like to repeat – “It’s just ten seconds. You can do anything for ten seconds.” being that #finish is my #oneword2013, this mantra has been one that I have called to mind more and more each day to help anchor myself.

breaking my life down into these two philosophies has served me well lately. having an overall positive vibe and remembering that getting through the next five (or ten, or twenty) seconds is achievable serves as a reminder that I am here for a reason. it reminds me to see the bigger picture when day-to-day activities take a toll on my mental or physical well-being. it reminds me of something i often express to students – that it’s okay to be upset in the moment, but moving past that to positive action will often serve to be a better purpose for all that energy. embrace it, let it go and #finish already!

What helps keep you in the “alles ist immer gut” mentality?


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