inherently something.

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i don’t know if it was because i am a runner, because i have friends in Boston, because of my #oneword2013, because there are so many colleges in Boston, or because my sister will be living there soon – but i literally cannot wrap my brain or heart around what happened at mile 26 of the Boston marathon today.


during my last half, i ran with some woman i barely knew for the last mile. i saw she was hurting, and she must’ve seen that i didn’t look so hot myself. we stayed with each other during the last mile, step for step & breath for breath. neither one of us had to say anything to know this unspoken pact between two people racing; “i’m not going to leave you, and we’re both going to finish this together.”

i thought of that moment a lot today. thought of it as i read, retweeted, watched videos and saw pictures. thought of it as i heard the deceased/injured stats, talked to my sister, my mom, students and friends. thought of it as the medical students and residents at hospitals reached out. thought of it as i saw the #SAchat and #BostonMarathon feeds blow up with offers to help, pray and donate. thought of it as i felt my safe haven, the time that i save to run and help me cope, is now a little tarnished.

races end in alot of ways – joy, tears, weakness, pride – but nothing should ever end with an explosion and the loss of lives. volunteers, friends, family and spectators all crowd around because these racers accomplish something wonderfully, both mentally and physically. i don’t know what will come of this, but my thoughts and miles are with those effected by this.

Boston, these next few miles are yours.

if you would like to donate your next few miles to Boston, please check out Becca’s post here and the GoogleDoc here.

‘inherently something (for boston)’

acrylic and mixed media on canvas

six inches x six inches

april 15, 2013


4 thoughts on “inherently something.

  1. Boston holds a special place in our families hearts. Through all the devastation , people’s true spirit of kindness comes through. Compassion wins ever time.. I just wish more people dug deeper to find theirs. The woman running next to you did. And I’ve seen yours. Don’t you wish it was a contagious disease?

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