perfectly imperfect.

Collage, Paintings, Writing

this one goes out to all the perfectionists out there.

i have never been the competitive type. there are half marathons medals hanging in my office, not for having the fastest time, but for race completion. i tend to be quick to reflect, not so much to judge. i have more faith in the journey more often than the destination.

i think some of those lessons came to at head during the creation of this piece:




see that piece of string wriggling its way under the purple paint? that little sucker mysteriously made its way onto my work the day after i left it in the studio room to dry. to say that i was aggravated was an understatement at the time; my artist (read: personal) development was in a state of flux and i was trying to control it all as best as i could. i had finally gotten some positive feedback about my work and then this happens. it set me off.

i clearly remember my professor coming over and asking why i looked like someone had just stolen my lunchbox. as i started to explain why, i pulled a typical-sue move and started to tear up. he looked at me, smiled, and simply said, “things happen, you just have to embrace it.”

as we move towards busy season this year, this statement resonates with me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. mistakes are okay, random strings in your painting do happen, and yeah, it is important to embrace it – and then let it go. (isn’t the best part of an embrace looking at the thing you care about after you let go anyway?)

here’s hoping that the next few months are ready for some up close and personal embracing.

march 2008
five inches by five inches
acrylic and mixed media on canvas


2 thoughts on “perfectly imperfect.

  1. It is in the journey that we can appreciate everything even the mistakes because then and only then can we truly learn from our journey and really learn from the mistakes and embrace each success on the way! Enjoy YOUR LIFE’ s ride!

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