love the one you’re with.

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everyone has things about themselves that they would like to change.


i could keep going with that list for quite some time. it would be inspired by friends, family, coworkers, students and myself – all of which who have struggled with an ‘achilles heel’ throughout their lives.

physical ailments have always been particularly aggravating to me. the feeling of your body rebelling against you is just unsettling, and not being able to do anything to directly help is all kinds of frustrating.

as much as i love running, it often brings thoughts to the forefront of my mind that i would prefer to ignore. that was 100% the case for the NYC Half Marathon this past sunday. as my legs burnt and my feet pounded the pavement, i found myself thanking whomever/whatever that i had the ability to do this at all. a different version of my one word crept into my mind; #finish was not only the ability to complete something, but to be thankful for the ability to start it at all.

i found a new mantra during my last few miles of the race. finish…because you can. as the first of my 13.1’s for the year, this race helped me reconnect with my body and be grateful for my abilities (instead of bashing it for not being ‘good enough’).

i am good enough. and i am grateful for the #finish.


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