vulnerability & the in-betweens: the draft strikes back.


a few weeks ago, i wrote about a secret that i would like to share.

my secret is this; i am terrified to show you a piece before it is finished. this post was a first for me. editing your work can be tough, but allowing someone to see a draft of your work is a whole new ball game. being vulnerable is a messy business.


my friend Lisa recently participated in a TED conference. if you haven’t seen her talk, please take a moment to check it out here. parts of her presentation really hit home, particularly the bit about being afraid to succeed.

when you draft a piece, and its ‘okay,’ you move onto the next and try to improve. but what if you create something amazing – something people love? you are recognized & expected to do just as good the next time around. you know you have it in you. failure isn’t an option.

vulnerability reminds us that it’s okay to slip up now and again. and that its okay to show the drafty side of yourself.

so, here’s my secret – my draft, all mine, in all its vulnerable draftiness.


3 ft x 3 ft
in progress – february 2013
acrylic & mediums on canvas


5 thoughts on “vulnerability & the in-betweens: the draft strikes back.

  1. It’s great! And even though you felt vulnerable by showing us the did show us the FINISHED results…and isn’t this what you wanted you goal to be this year?! So yeah ! Love seeing how your love of art is progressing

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