touch & go.

Collage, Paintings




my brother, sister and i used to play monopoly a good amount when we were younger. i played the role of the banker in almost every game. i am not really sure how that worked its way into this piece, but i guess that memory now has a colorful home.

sometimes, stream of consciousness in the creative process is just what the doctor ordered.

six inches x six inches
february 2008
acrylic, sharpie & tape on canvas


2 thoughts on “touch & go.

  1. One of the things I love about stream of consciousness is that sometimes its us at our most raw and vulnerable, where we just go with the flow rather than stopping, thinking, erasing, and going back. Thanks for sharing (and, btw, I was the 8th grade monopoly champion, I have the trophy to prove it.)

    1. Totally agree. This basically embodies why I love art – looking back on pieces causes for reflection and more importantly laughter.

      Thanks for taking the time to look and share your thoughts. Dust off that trophy champ – next time we grab coffee, I’m challenging you and I’ll even share banking rights.

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