vulnerability & the in-betweens.


all week i have been wanting to paint. you can only ignore the itch for so long before this happens:


the concept of vulnerability and how difficult that state of being can be has been floating around in my mind lately. i gratefully blame the conversations in the #SAimperfection chat. they have sparked my imagination surrounding the topic in the last few months.

between my itch and my imperfections, i would like to share a little of my own vulnerability. below is a piece that in is draft form – i started it tonight. i have always been a fan of ‘raw’ art, but it certainly is tough for an artist to show something that they consider to be incomplete. that being said, i would like to share my creative process with you in hopes of displaying a little bit more of me.

enjoy the in-betweens.


draft, untitled
3 ft x 3 ft
acrylic on canvas
in progress – february 2013


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