the sweetness.

Collage, Paintings




i was asked a question on friday that stuck with me the whole weekend – how does creating art make you feel? it was a simple question that i had trouble answering. after rummaging around my brain and my apartment, i finally found the answer.

cathartic release is a term i use frequently when discussing art. however, most of my artlove comes from getting lost in the process – setting up paints, pumping up the music, and ‘working’ on a piece for the next few hours. i recently finished this book by John Green and his quote, “i fell in love the way you fall asleep. slowly then all at once,” perfectly describes how i fell for creating.

i fell so hard, i even shared my dessert with this piece.

five inches x five inches
march 2008
mixed media & paint on canvas


One thought on “the sweetness.

  1. Maybe you should call it career sandwich…caught between what you like to do and what you’d loved to do! I am dying for an Oreo right now!

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