my #oneword2013 – finish.

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my #oneword2013 - finish.

in the spirit of the new year, and the #oneword365 project on Twitter, i have stumbled upon a word that i hope will define the upcoming year for me. because i tend to be a bit better with visual components than words, i have attempted to explain why i chose this word with a simple doodle.

what is your #oneword2013?


15 thoughts on “my #oneword2013 – finish.

  1. I probably need this one. One of my strengths is Activator so I am terrific at starting projects but have a few to finish.

    What will you finish first?

    1. hi Jessa! thanks for taking the time to read, and share. my first finishing act was actually to post a few things on this blog. silly as it may seem, i have had this idea for a while and it seems like a good time to “finish” a few posts that are in que. i’m thankful for your comments. connecting makes me want to keep it up!

      looking forward to your next post!

  2. I kind of want to commission you to draw my three words (because one word isn’t enough for my 2013) – what an awesome talent you have! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to ‘finish’ this year – I’ll definitely be running with you in spirit.

  3. My word is going to be that I can start something since I have many things to get moving on and you can motivate me by checking to see if I FINISH them.

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